Joyful Journeys: Sacred Pauses with God

Joyful Journeys: Sacred Pauses with God

by Susan Lynn Major

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Women, Wine and Inspiration Event

When Jennifer Tom was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago at age 32, she came across the book "There's No Place Like Hope," billed as a survival guide for cancer patients and their families. She found the book helped with her emotional and physical healing, and...

Faith in your journey

The Celtic saints had a practice of setting out in coracles, small boats without oars, in complete trust. The idea is that God's will, in the form of water currents and wind, would lead them to the "place of their resurrection." In other words, they would be led to...

The Lotus Flower

Like the lotus flower, we are reminded that from the murky water comes a beautiful and stunning flower. Although the lotus appears clean and pristine above the water, we know that the roots are still settled in the mud below. The mud does not go away. Part of that...

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