During this season of celebration and joy, I am so thrilled to announce that my book Joyful Journeys:  Sacred Pauses with God is available for purchase!

The response to the book has been wonderful! I appreciate everyone’s support and love through this process.  Thank you!  This book is for anyone wanting a reminder of hope and inspiration in their daily life!

Here is a response I received from someone who just read the book:

“It’s just a beautiful book.  I laughed. I teared up. I smiled. I reflected. I paused (sacredly, of course). I cried.  All in the first 20 pages! How did you do that?  It’s not only like you wrote it to me or were speaking to me, but it is like you crawled in my head and spit out some of my most inner thoughts, fears and lessons I try to teach my kids. Thank you for that.” – L. Jones

I hope that you will give yourself the gift of inspiration and joy this holiday season! May your days be filled with reminders of God’s presence in your lives!