Authentic life changing read that invites a person to obtain joy in their everyday life. With personal stories, the reader is inspired, captivated and a portal to the Divine is opened. Absolutely beautiful written.

Laura Ponticello

Author, columnist and publisher, Laura's List: Books for Women

A comforting celebration of everyday courage and emotional honesty; a book that will help you nurture the healing power of optimism and hope. A precious read!

Christie Casciano

Journalist and author of Puck Hog

Have you ever felt like you had a fresh start in life, like a powerful breath has just swept your slate clean and suddenly you’re seeing life through a new pair of glasses?  Susan’s book Joyful Journeys: Sacred Pauses with God had that effect on me. Take this journey with Susan and never look back! We can all awaken to our truest selves. Thank you Susan for reminding us of this through your incredible courage and faith in God.

Chynna Phillips Baldwin

Actress and Singer, Wilson Phillips

Joyful Journeys: Sacred Pauses with God is an inspirational message from Susan Major of how a woman and mother’s unexpected diagnosis with stage 3 breast cancer, at the young age of 39, leads her to write about learning to stop for “sacred pauses” and other spiritual reflections. Susan found herself forced to get clear with her own thoughts and accept herself for who she was and is, rather than what the world wanted her to be. Her adoption of “the 3 “P’s”: Pace, Perspective & Prayer,” is essential, whether diagnosed with cancer or living in a human body. This is a book to have by your bed stand, when having coffee with a friend, or to use for your own personal writing prompts.

Gilda Morina Syverson

Author of MY FATHER'S DAUGHTER: From Rome to Sicily, Facing the Dragon, and In This Dream Everything Remains Inside

This book reminds us that Life is a journey, but with every bump in the road and corner we turn there is hope and joy and ways of finding the greatness in every moment.

Julia Wamp

Founder, Alive Foundation